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Come to a bar night or a lunch!

If you want to meet some Aussies and Kiwis over a beer and a light dinner come to one of our bar nights. They are held each month, usually on a Friday. The venues change month to month and sometimes we seek out a nice restaurant for a good meal. Or come to our monthly lunch, also at different venues. Dates and venues of bar nights, lunches and other events are listed in our monthly newsletter and on this site.

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  OzCon - Wien      

OZCON is an informal group of people who have some connection or interest in Australia and like to have some fun.

We live and work in Austria and like to keep in touch through gatherings, functions and our monthly online newsletter.

We meet at least once a month at various venues for a chat, lunch or a 'bar night.' We try and keep the venues central and always advertise where and when in the newsletter.

We also organise occasional events which can range from a visit to the opera to a BBQ in a park, a night at a Ball, a wine tasting in the Wachau Valley or a visit to an interesting location in Vienna.

Our annual subscription of €20 for individuals, €10 for Students and €30 for families goes towards subsidising some of our functions - and you don't have to be Australian to be a member.

Photo Gallery

Every time there is an event or function or just a party you can be sure someone will have a digital camera and collecting many photos of the event.

Complete Photo Gallery

Photographs from recent events

February Dinner Night, Chang Asian Noodles, February 2017

December Bar Night, Belvedere Markets, December 2016

Previous Photos 2009-2015

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Coming events

Here we summarise the closing dates for RSVPs for all the events listed subsequently:



    Wednesday 7 February 2018 at 12.30hrs
    Am Heumarkt 25
    1030 Vienna
    Tel: 712 5310

    RSVP to Ric Casagrande if you wish to attend (mail to: ecasagrande@hotmail.com)


    Wednesday 7 March at 12.30hrs
    Cafe Ansari
    Praterstrasse 15
    1020 Vienna
    tel: 2765102


    Thursday 15 February starting 19hrs at:
    Salm Brau
    Rennweg 8
    1030 Vienna
    (near Belvedere Palace)
    Please join us for the hearty Austrian culinary delights available and let Ric Casagrande (ecasagrande@hotmail.com) know if you are coming by Sunday 10 February.



    Friday 23 February 2018 at 6:00 pm
    Mel's Craft Beers & Diner
    Wipplingerstraße 9
    1010 Vienna
    (just off Judenplatz)
    Public Transport: U1, U2, U3 to Stephansplatz, Schwedenplatz, Schottenring, Schottentor, Herrengasse then a short walk;
    Bus 1A, 3A (bus stop: Schwertgasse)
    No RSVP required - turn up we will fit you in.


    Friday 16 March from 19hrs at:
    Gustl Kocht
    Erdbergstraße 21
    1030 Vienna

    Public Transport: U3 to Rochusgasse, Bus 4A to Rochusgasse stop and a short walk.
    From their website: Tasty, regional – and entirely organic. With no frills, no half-measures and no fancy trends. This is not an inventive kitchen but a place to rediscover the good old flavours or to experience them for the first time, sometimes with a new spin on them. And we have room for everyone: The best charcoal grill for roast pork, steak and much more; the Eastern European art of preparing vegetables and fish. Obviously we offer vegetarian options


    Mark your calendars for a movie night planned for Friday 2 March. It will be at one of the English cinemas (Artis or Hayden). As the program had not been published at the time of writing we will inform members of the exact time and location closer to the date. The movie we are hoping to see is called THE POST starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. It’s the story of the journalists from The Washington Post and their attempts to publish and expose the Pentagon Papers, classified documents regarding undisclosed information about the involvement of the United States Government in the Vietnam War. An email will be sent out with more details closer to the date.

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